About Us - Dastoor Foods
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About Us

Dastoor Foods Private Limited

Dastoor Foods Private Limited is one of India’s finest & fruitful rice solution company. We are delighted to provide connoisseurs of fine food with rice of unmatched quality, sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and other prime rice growing areas in India. We work with partner food companies and distributors channel and respond to the needs of our customers to ensure that nothing but the best quality rice at your home.

Dastoor Foods Private Limited is an Indian rice trading company specialized in marketing high quality basmati rice. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and with its devoted professional staff, we are committed to satisfying the world with the perfect taste of Indian Basmati rice.

Dastoor foods private Limited is highly innovative food company. The company offers a multitude of premium grade of rice product, especially sourced from around the country to cater to a plethora of individual needs. We are committed also to only selecting the finest basmati for all our products. We are focused on exceeding your expectations and being the easiest company to do business around the world in FMCG industry.

Established in 2014, it’s known for some years of remarkable performance and trustful and dedicated service to supply quality goods to world markets. The Company has focused on rice sourcing, sorting, selecting, grading, packaging and trading or supplying rice to various households, carters, domestic/international companies and institutional supply.

In some past performance years the company started to expand its business to include own rice brand Namely “DASTOOR” to filling all retailing operations. Now it has thirty seven different marketing products. Dastoor Foods Private Limited is a full-line supplier of the finest quality basmati rice available, from our central location in NEW DELHI capital of India and city of rice called PUNJAB and HARYNA, where the agricultural hubs of finest basmati around the world. The company caters Rice Milling, Wholesale Trading, Supplying and Retailing. From rice farmer to our retail customers we have been known to foster fair trade.

Its operation is closely monitored from transportation, storage, Packaging and delivering, ensuring the client’s satisfaction. It is well supervised with a strict quality control and inspection at every stage ensuring its products of a high standard. Dastoor Foods Private Limited serves all major divisions of the rice industry it may be foodservice, retail, private label in all variants and industrial supply. It offers all local varieties of basmati rice. Our strength lies in efficiency and promptness of services as well as in effectiveness of transportation facilities whereby customers nationwide are assured of complete reliability.

Our vision to spreads aroma, happiness and smile in every moment of your life, at Dastoor Foods Private limited is to be the World’s Leading Food Company, serving health in different ways to suit and fulfill the requirements of every modern day consumer and be recognized worldwide as a trusted and quality brand.

Our Mission

It is our constant mission to develop better food industry especially when it comes to basic products of life, we began with Rice grains market in domestic and International markets to shrink the gap between “what we have” and “what others wants” for discovering new way to create demand and meet supply in this sector around the world with excellence To offer unmatched quality and purity and be the best in everything we do. Innovation to developing new innovative packed products and processes in an effort to enhance consumer experience. Good life to create nutritious yet tasty products that can improve and enhance the quality of life. That can inspire healthy lifestyles.

Our business is an extension of our belief that quality and health go hand in hand and this very notion is visible in each of our range of products. Perhaps this is the reason behind our success. Today, we are known for providing the finest range of authentic Indian basmati rice. Furthermore, we also offer an extensive range of Indian spices whole and grounded, pulses, Dry fruits, Edible Oils etc.

An ISO certified company; we use FSSAI, HACCP and BRC certified food safety management system for Processing our final products


We’re proud to offer limitless opportunities regarding trade and services for complete rice industry to provide sustainable business and satisfying products.

Domestic Trade

We are well known as leading in the rice industry in INDIA. Procurement, packaging and shipping gives us the ability to provide reliability.

International trade

We stands with the remarkable performance in export market by trustful and dedicated service to supply best quality products into world markets.

Private Labeling

Our rice combined with your private label is a guarantee that your customers will buy your products, building your brand equity with us.

Product Inspection

Quality control is key element. Inspecting your product before it leaves, an effective way of preventing quality problems and supply chain disruptions.

Other Services

We understand the needs of rice industry around the world, for that we have the products and services channel to meet the industry’s needs.

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