Regular 25kg Finest Resot Gains Of Basmati Rice - Dastoor Foods
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Regular 25kg Finest Resot Gains Of Basmati Rice


Product Description

This variety of long grain rice having seamless quality and cost-effective prices as compare to any other variant of full grain of basmati rice. Processed on steaming, the offered 1121 Steam Basmati Rice is long and takes very less time to cook. In Steaming process, these rice grains are fragmented from fine colour rice grains, during the milling process few gains are not so lucky but not defective and there is nothing wrong with rice grains. It is as nutritious as the equivalent to normal rice.

Paddy having varying dimensions and contents of cracked and immature grains were milled using laboratory equipment. Grain breakage and dis-color seemed to originate almost entirely from grain defects, for it rarely exceeded the content of defective grains. In short and round varieties, a good part of the highly defective grains between milling process but few of those with a single transverse crack broke during shelling, and the remaining grains seemed to break during pearling. In medium and slender varieties, most of the good grains part dis-color during pearling increased with increasing degree and pressure of milling. Improved shelling gave a substantial advantage for undermilled rice, but only a moderate advantage for highly milled rice.

Additional Information
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 10 cm
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